We help businesses get more business.  So if you need more customers, clients or patients walking in your front door, if you need your phone to ring, or you need to grow your sales online, we can probably help you.

While our website address says “Atlanta SEOs,” W3 Group is first and foremost a marketing company. We recommend strategies and do what makes sense for YOUR particular business.  After all, not every business needs a lot of SEO.  Some companies need other types of marketing campaigns.  Some tactics work far better for some types of business than for others.

For example, I was talking with a personal trainer once.  He was a solo operation and was interested in SEO.  We talked more about his business, and he was happy keeping it the same size – he just needed more clients.  So I told him that SEO would probably be overkill for his business – what we could do would likely bring him more clients than he could handle, since his particular business wasn’t scalable.  Otherwise, he would have been just throwing money away and wasting his time responding to potential clients he couldn’t make room to take on.

So here are a few of the tactics and strategies we use to help our clients win on (and off) the web:

Search Engine Optimization

– Also known by its acronym, SEO, this is a whole series of tactics and strategies that helps websites show up on the top pages of the search engines for specific words and phrases.  This methodology was why W 3 Group was founded. We’re very good at this.  And we do it ethically – there are ways to game the system and use shady tactics to rank highly, quickly, but we steer clear of those.

Website Design

– from a marketing standpoint, so that you don’t end up with the digital equivalent a beautiful billboard that no one sees, and even if they did see it, they don’t end up buying.  In a nutshell, first your website has to be found.  And not just by anyone – by the people who need what you have to offer, When they’re looking to BUY, not just Browse. So you need traffic.  Targeted traffic.  But once they’re on your site, they need to take action.

  • Do you want their name and email address so you can market to them later? Probably.  But if you don’t ask for it, clearly, you’re missing out.
  • Do you want them to buy something right then and there? Maybe – if you’ve got an online store, probably so.  But if it’s a higher price point or a very technical product, or something else people are particularly particular about, they’ll also need more information, more reassurance that they’re making the right decision by buying, and that they can return it if it doesn’t fit or otherwise meet their needs.
  • Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you?  Or click to call if they’re on their mobile phone?

Video Marketing

– This ranges from customer testimonial videos to video slideshows and from product demonstrations to all kinds of other videos.  And video is great for SEO, as well.  Search engines LOVE video.  YouTube is now being used as a search engine, second only to Google itself.  But there’s more than just YouTube.  There are literally hundreds of other sites out there, plus your own website, your Google Places profile, your blog, and many other places you can use video effectively.  We even do video ads for Craigslist – technically, they don’t do video ads, but there’s a way to get the same result and impact.


– It can be time-consuming, writing new blog posts regularly, and growing your audience.  But experts agree that this is time well spent when done right.  We can help you come up with a blogging strategy, set up your blog so that it automatically circulates among multiple social media channels (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MANY others), plus it can also automatically notify blog search engines and RSS readers whenever there’s a new post.  (And if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry.  We’ll walk you through and help you understand as much as you want, or just take care of it for you so you can focus on your core strength.)

Local SEO

– a/k/a Local Search-  if you’re a brick-and-mortar business and customers come to your location, this is CRITICAL.  And with the rise in mobile searches, it’s become even more important.  If you don’t do this right, you will lose business to your competitors.

Mobile Marketing

– This is already big, and will only get bigger.  If you aren’t already doing this, you should (of course provided that it makes sense for your business).

Online Classified Ads

– Not just your typical, boring text-only ads, but real clickable image ads (or video image ads) that take the viewer to your website, your YouTube video, or wherever on the web you want them to go.  Ads with images get a whopping amount more views than ads without images – that’s why you’ve no doubt seen craigslist ads with a sunset or other totally irrelevant image, just so the headline of the ad will have that “img” tag on the end.

Copy Writing

– For websites, email copy, traditional mail, what-have-you.  It’s not enough to simply get seen.  In today’s competitive marketplace, your job as a business is to help your customers make the right decision.  And if your copy doesn’t compel them to decide to do business with  you, you’re doing them a disservice.  And if that doesn’t keep you up at night, what will?  So call us and sleep better at night.

Custom QR Codes

– You’ve seen those weird-looking squares with the crazy little black and white patterns that you scan with your phone?  If you haven’t, you will.  How can that help your business?  Well that depends on your business.  They can be used on store signage, business cards, promotional products, and many many other things.  For example, say you’re shopping for wine for a special night out.  You can’t decide, but you see one that has one of those nifty little codes on it.  So you take out your phone, scan it, and voila! There’s a whole lot more information about that wine, including food recommendations, temperature, the story behind the wine, and whatever else that savvy winemaker put on the site that the QR Code linked to.  Now which wine are you going to be likely to buy?

E-mail Marketing

– We’re not talking SPAM here.  In fact, we hate spam as much as you do, maybe even more.  But if email marketing can help you grow your business, we can help you do it right.  You don’t want problems with the FTC or other authorities, and we’ll help you not only do it safely, but effectively.  This means making it compelling, targeted to your audience, and informative while being entertaining, if that’s what your customers want.  (Hint: most do).

So how can W3 Group help you WIN on the Web?