social media marketing services AtlantaFacebook marketing, twitter marketing, using LinkedIn as a sales tool, driving buyers to your site from Pinterest, YouTube, even MySpace (no, don’t laugh – it still works for some types of companies).

But you’ve got to do it right.

We’ve all seen the people doing it wrong. They blast out their mass-marketing message from personal profiles, over-automating, sharing every business opportunity known to man, every lotion, potion, and notion, from multi-level marketing to the barber shop down the street whose owner’s nephew’s friend just finished the first week of Marketing 101 at the community college…

…and we’ve all seen the self-proclaimed gurus and experts* pitching and promoting their products, programs and courses (many of which do have real value, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out which ones from their podium)…

…but if you’re a real business (which, if you’re still reading this, you probably are), you’ll at least try to invest properly in social media marketing – if it even makes sense for your business in the first place.

(Hint: it doesn’t msocial media marketingake sense for all businesses. There is no magic silver bullet one-size-fits-all solution.)

From ongoing management of your social media marketing efforts to specific coaching on the how and the why, to custom Facebook Fan Page Apps, workshops, training sessions and more, we can help you do it better than your competition.

*Here’s a quick hint to spot a fake “guru” – take a look at their profiles.  Are they complete? Do they have less than 1000 followers on twitter? less than 500 LinkedIN connections? Less than 2000 or so friends on Facebook?  No fan page set up?  If someone professes to be a social media expert but has only 47 friends on Facebook, to me that’s a big red flag.