Local Search is HOT!  Are you doing it right?

Local search page one results atlanta chiropractic clinic local SEO

Note: the image says "Google Places" which has since been replaced by Google+ Business pages.

First of all, what is “local search?”  It’s when people search for things, businesses, products and services in a local geographic area.  For example, Atlanta Chiropractors or Smyrna GA Yoga Studio… sometimes “local search” is when someone searches specifically for a geographic area, sometimes it shows by default based on where you’re searching from. So if you’re in New York and searching for “hair salon” you’ll be shown local results based on where you are.  But if you specifically search for “hair salon in Atlanta,” you’ll see local results in Atlanta.

You may have noticed that recently, Google and other search engines have increased the importance of local results on their results pages.  You’ve no doubt seen the map to the right and the business listings near you appearing more prominently than  before.  It makes sense – with more and more people searching from smart phones and not from the same location, why wouldn’t they want more results near them?

So the point is this: if you run a traditional “brick and mortar” business where your customers are in a certain geographic area, we can help you attract them more effectively.  Have you claimed your business profiles on all the relevant local directories? Are your profiles optimized? Are they compelling enough for your prospects to choose you over your competitors?