We can help you with your online PR from both a proactive and reactive approach.

We can proactively target specific media outlets, write and distribute highly optimized press releases, and more. Now it’s important to know that we’re not a full-fledged PR firm, but we do PR from an online marketing standpoint. If you need a full-blown PR campaign, we won’t lie and tell you we’re the perfect fit there – because we’re not. But we know some good ones.

Press releases, done correctly, can also provide a boost in your SEO efforts. We can write and optimize your press release for you and have it distributed to dozens of online press release repository sites, where they can then get found and propagate throughout the Web. One recent press release garnered over 500 new links back to a client’s website in just 2 days. They got over 30 page-one listings (we stopped counting at 30) almost immediately. Now from an SEO standpoint for the press release itself, they won’t stay on the first page long (after all, if it’s not new, it’s not news anymore), but the links to your site still last and help your long-term efforts.

We also subscribe to a number of lists where reporters are looking for experts to quote for stories that YOU could be featured in.

Take a look at our own press page to see some of the results we’ve achieved for our company. Now let’s find out what we can do for yours.