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How to Follow Up with Inactive Prospects

Many of you know that two of the keys to making sales are benefit and urgency. Both of those should be used effectively in your marketing, whether you’re marketing to businesses or to individuals. But what do you do with those leads that have gone cold?  Maybe, for whatever reason, those in active prospects haven’t […]


E-mail Marketing Failure

Here’s another marketing mistake, this time in the email marketing department. This is a screen shot of an actual email I received this morning.  This needs no further explanation – the lesson is simply to ALWAYS send a test message before sending the mail out to your entire list. As you can probably read from […]


Dissecting SPAM: Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make

I was going through my SPAM folder this morning, and noticed an email so bad that violates so many principles of proper, effective (and legal) email marketing that I just had to share my take on it. 1) Email address: The sender used the name “Louis” but the email address was a string of 18 […]