Atlanta Video SEO mini case study

At W3 Group Marketing, we do a lot of experimentation on what it really takes to rank high on the search engines and to get more customers.  Of course we’re learning from Google, Yahoo! Bing and others, plus lots of other SEO “gurus” but we don’t stop there – we come up with new ideas, tactics and strategies and put them to the test.  Here’s a video SEO example for a company in Atlanta:

Video SEO Overview

We know that the search engines LOVE video.  In fact, YouTube is now the second-most popular “search engine” out there behind Google.  Since Google owns YouTube, one could argue otherwise, but the point is that people use YouTube as a search engine.  Whatever you want to do, search YouTube for “How to” and whatever it is you want to do, and there’s probably a video on it.

Back to the point: We also know that Google indexes YouTube quickly, partly because they own it, partly because they just plain love video.  Oh, we covered that second part already, didn’t we?  No worries, they love it so much that it’s worth repeating.  Which leads us to a video SEO experiment – actually more of a demo, since we’ve done this before quite a few times.

Atlanta Video SEO Experiment

One company wasn’t showing up at all for a key phrase that their prospective customers would frequently search for – but their competitors were all over page one, two, and more.  They were somewhere deep on page 4 or 5 for this key phrase.  So we looked into it and found that there were video results on page one of Google. Voila!  Here’s an opening we can master.  So we spent about 15 minutes putting together a simple PowerPoint presentation with their logo, contact info and key services (this company is a service provider, but the approach can work equally well for products).

Then we converted this into a video slideshow using some snazzy but simple video creation software that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Next, we optimized the various properties of the video that we could change, then uploaded it to YouTube.  We then optimized every other element we could of this video for our target keywords.  Then we hit “save changes” and went on about our business working on some other cool stuff to attract customers for our clients.  (Did you like that subtle self-endorsement?  Sure, you can use it.  Go ahead.)

Video SEO Results

A few hours later, six to be exact, we searched Google for our key phrase.  And guess what?  Our shiny, brand-spanking-new video was on PAGE ONE on Google for that phrase. Then I checked again a week or so later, and it’s slightly higher on Page One than it was before.  And this is for a very competitive phrase – over 210,000,000 results and Google AdSense going several pages deep into the results.  Not bad!  Further proof that video SEO works, and I’m willing to bet that most of your competitors either aren’t doing video SEO, or they’re not doing it right.

video seo example page one google youtube

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