No spam allowedIf you’ve been blogging for more than a week, and have comments enabled on your blog, you’ve probably seen comment spam in action.

Comment spam is basically the same thing as email spam, but it’s found in blog comments instead of an email message.

Comment spam can be as few as one word, all the way up to several paragraphs. It is usually rife with spelling and grammar errors, if it even makes sense at all. These comment spammers’ typical goals are to get links back to their sites in the hopes of boosting their SEO value (and search engine rankings) so as to boost their websites’ sales. More on this later.

Sometimes the goal is very different: to get people to visit a page that downloads some sort of malware (virus, spyware, etc.) to their computers and then all kinds of bad things can happen.

But this post is more about the misguided efforts of the spammers who want to increase sales. They are usually hawking online pharmacies, counterfeit designer goods, and lots of other things – basically the same stuff that gets sent to your junk folder if it’s in an email.

Spam figure

Here’s a particularly strange example – actually it’s comical in a way:

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Basically what they do is they use a software program that assembles words into what looks like sentences in order to fool the spam filters. The trick is to put enough real words in there to try to sneak past filtering software that automatically deletes comments that meet certain criteria – i.e. the same keyword appearing too many times (keyword stuffing) or too many links (this example above had ten links in it, which would be more than enough to trigger a flag in most comment software). The software is usually automated and crawls the web searching for places to leave their little spammy droppings.

They hope that the blog either doesn’t have filtering software enabled, or that they can sneak past it and get their spam comments approved, thus building more links to their site.

These spammers obviously haven’t kept up with the changes in what makes up effective SEO and haven’t followed Google’s changes to their search algorithm. Merely having a bunch of links pointing to your site doesn’t help nearly as much as it used to. If the links are from”bad neighborhoods” or aren’t relevant, they can hurt your SEO efforts more than they help. All links are not created equal when it comes to SEO.

This website is obviously about marketing, not about Louis Vuitton purses, so from a relevancy standpoint, I give their efforts a 0 out of 10. But then again, what do you expect when you use automated tools with the sole purpose of spamming the web?