Bankruptcy Attorney Video Marketing

If you’re a bankruptcy attorney and aren’t using video marketing, you’re missing out on a huge way to attract new clients!

You’ve probably been doing direct mail campaigns to the lists of upcoming foreclosures and are actually surprised when you get a call!  After all, studies have shown that only a very small percentage of those get opened before they’re thrown away.  Or maybe that’s working fairly well for you, but you still want to attract more clients and the old ad in that yellow book just isn’t delivering an ROI. Or those billboards you have no idea whether they’re working or not since you’ve got that clever vanity number instead of a call tracking number.

Whatever the case, video is more powerful than ever and it’s just getting stronger.  You can buy or lease the videos below, have us add branding for your bankruptcy law firm, or we can create something totally custom for your bankruptcy practice.   We’d optimize it for the search engines, get it ranking on Google, and make it become a client magnet that works 24/7, pulling in those clients that don’t even read all their mail, let alone your letters.  Or maybe you can include a link to the video on the envelope?  There are lots of ways to make this work extremely well for you as a bankruptcy attorney. Video marketing is just one powerful way we can help you grow your revenues – and that’s a big part of why you’re in business, right?  Call us today at 404-669-6682.

Here’s another example of a bankruptcy attorney video marketing “lead magnet”:

…and anotherBankruptcy Attorney Marketing Video Example

We look forward to helping you help more people!