eBay HireeBay Hire has officially debuted in the U.S.  It’s currently in beta, and it’s competing directly with Angie’s List and similar sites.  It lets service professionals, such as remodeling companies, lawyers, coaches, wedding planners and more create profiles to market their services and rates.

Eventually, eBay Hire plans to include ads that will feature relevant service providers (you, maybe?) in relevant product search result pages.

For now, it’s free, but eBay Hire will eventually charge fees for each booking after the beta trial is over.

The jury is still out about the SEO impact, but with a site as heavily trafficked as eBay, even if it doesn’t help SEO it could certainly help drive additional traffic to your website.

This could be a good way to help you and your business attract new leads and prospective clients… might as well jump on board and be an early adopter.   I just signed up.  What are you waiting for?  eBay has a TON of active users and some percentage of them could certainly become your customers…