W3 Group’s Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, David B. Wright, was part of the expert panel in the Promote Your Passion event in Atlanta, GA March 15, 2012.

David B. Wright, Muhammad Siddique, Jason Oman and Kay Rice at Promote Your Passion Atlanta March 2012

David B. Wright, Muhammad Siddique, Jason Oman and Kay Rice at Promote Your Passion Atlanta March 2012

Promote Your Passion Atlanta Expert Panel 2 Tracey Walker, Jason Oman, David B. Wright, Kay Rice, Muhammad Siddique, Colin Daymude, Brad Fallon, Joey Smith

Tracey Walker, Jason Oman, David B. Wright, Kay Rice, Muhammad Siddique, Colin Daymude, Brad Fallon, Joey Smith

“It was an honor to be a part of such an elite group of marketing experts,” says David.

Promote Your Passion, founded by Caren Glasser, hosts high-level events around the U.S.

The mission of Promote Your Passion is to empower entrepreneurs to live their passion — and get paid doing what they love. Our promise is to give you rich real-world ideas and know how that will help you take your business to the next level.

Internet Marketer PRO Lee Goff is the Chief Web Officer of Guerrilla Marketing. Lee’s extensive knowledge on SEO, Web Marketing Strategy, Testing, Conversion and the use of the Internet as a tool for business in every facet is unsurpassed in the industry.  Utilizing strategic partnerships with some of the world’s best market-ing and software Lee has been accurately positioned as a leader in the web world. Through his affiliations and experience Lee is able to bring his knowledge to audiences across the country on how to make the Internet work for all businesses and how to understand business from an Internet marketing standpoint

Networking PRO Casey Eberhart is the co-author of the book “Stepping Stones to Success” along with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. He’s made it his mission over the years to collect and connect: he collects relationships and connects people so they can do business together. Founder of the popular blog site, TheIdealNetworker.com, his training programs employ a series of easy to follow steps that will help you reach your true potential whatever industry your are in.

Sales PRO Scott Schilling is the founder of Schilling Sales and Marketing Inc.—an organization committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today’s Challenges through sales training, consulting, coaching and implementation strategies. He is the master in the art and science of selling.  He comes from the Heart, presents with passion and demonstrates the very sales skills he teaches.

Joint Ventures PRO Miranda Larson is an experienced JV Manager.  Her focus is creative business development and relationships on all types of events that speakers, authors, internet marketers, information marketers and entrepreneurs find necessary to make their businesses successful in today’s market. She has developed the JV Matrix that includes several different mastermind groups and coordinates JV’s in an array of business genres.

Passion PRO Caren Glasser has dedicated her personal and professional life to communicating and connecting with people. As a result, she has learned a lot about what it takes for people to create positive experiences in their lives.  Today, she focuses on helping people connect and create better lives for themselves.  She produces Promote Your Passion events and shows the value of how comF5 eMarketEngine can help businesses with their online marketing.

In addition, the following experts join us on an expert speakers panel:

Promote Your Passion Atlanta Expert Panel 1

Tracey Walker, Jason Oman, David B. Wright, Sheila Stewart, Kay Rice, Muhammad Siddique, Colin Daymude, Brad Fallon, Joey Smith and Tommy Lee

Muhammad Siddique a.k.a Siddique is a Joint Venture Broker, B2B Sales Lead Generation Expert and LinkedIn Strategist who produces results for B2B clients on harnessing social media and the digital space to bring brand awareness directly to businesses. His work includes being a joint venture broker, marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and hundreds of other social media sites. Siddique partners with companies and creates new ways to grow revenues by leveraging hidden assets you have and you do not even know about.

Colin Daymude has a rich and diverse background in marketing, personal finance, human resources and team building. He shares his expertise as an international speaker, trainer, coach, author of four books and as the Vice President of Chapter Development at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. His position at GKIC gives him access to some of the best marketing minds of our time as he leads and trains top business advisors around the country.

Kay Rice, M.Ed.,  is a Wellness Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author, Workshop Facilitator and Corporate Wellness & Nutrition Coach.  She has worked with or studied under some of the top experts of our time such as Deepak Chopra, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, and has been through some of the top Trainer Programs in the country.  Kay has authored several books including The Yoga of Wisdom and Understanding, Work Smarter Not Harder! Lose that Excess Fat Forever, and Your Holiday Feast.  She is a regular contributor to Avoid Medical Errors Magazine.

Jason Oman was a featured Success Story on the TV Infomercial, Creating Wealth. He has studied and spent time with many successful self-made millionaires.  He is a #1 Best Selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires & also Conversations with Female Millionaires. He then created a Step-by-Step Millionaire Money Formula from the strategies he learned virtually all Self Made Millionaires use to create wealth and success. He is passionate about ‘sharing the wealth’ and helping people make their dreams of success a reality!

Tommy Lee is proud to be launching his Black Belt Peak Performance Business Program worldwide in 2012 after spending the last sixteen years coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs and building two nationally recognized martial arts studios.  This program will be accompanied by an elite mastermind series unlike any other.  He has been seen on NBC, ABC, in USA Today as an Emerging Leader and will be releasing three books in 2012 (two of which are co-authored with Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield).  He is known internationally as a thought leader, entrepreneurial innovator and has personally been recognized by Chuck Norris for business contributions.

Sheila Stewart has been referred to as a serial entrepreneur.  She built her own international advertising agency from scratch (literally with only $5,000) to a team of over 150. She has worked with the likes of Warner Bros., Hard Rock Café, Ernst & Young, Doubletree Hotels and Parke Davis.  She sold off her agency in 2005 and has followed her passion by applying systems and strategies that work for Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.  She has written the Power-Injected Marketing Toolkit (24-book system), Backwards in High Heels – a Woman’s Guide to Succeeding in Business and 99 Killer Business Ideas.  She has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, Fox and various radio shows and in print publications.

David B. Wright is a top-ranking author and is President & Chief Marketing Officer of W3 Group, a marketing firm that helps businesses get more business.  David provides marketing services ranging from high-level strategic direction down to the tactical implementation including SEO, mobile, local, social, video marketing, online PR, and more. David has done business around the world and has been quoted in numerous publications including Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, AMEX Open Forum, About.com, and Business Insider.

Joey Smith has well over a decade of fast-paced and laser-focused experience in technology management in various industries. These include training, development, technology consulting, telecommunications, media communications, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail. While achieving personal effectiveness and business success, he has gained extensive experience in developing leaders, excellence programs, quality training and customer service.

Tracey Walker is a top producer and documented sponsoring machine in the internet marketing and network marketing niches. She is known for her class, her style and her down-to-earth yet “no-nonsense” approach to blogging, and making money online. She has worked with hundreds of marketers and has coached countless people on the marketing skills and techniques required to generate real dollars! If you have not already connected with Tracey, come out from under your rock and let her help you make a full-time income, part-time online! NOW!

Dana McManus Joey Smith Muhammad Siddique Jason Oman Kay Rice

Dana McManus, Joey Smith, Muhammad Siddique, Jason Oman and Kay Rice